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Crafted of locally sourced hardwoods hand selected by our owner, our slab boards can be used as cutting boards, bread + cheese boards... or as beautiful serving pieces. Each design is unique and honors the natural variations of the slab itself. 

// Spalted Maple

// 8.5x6" (not including handle)

// 1" depth

// finished with a braided leather strap and copper crimp

// Hand wash 

At Odyssey Woodshop, we allow the wood to speak... to share it's intentions. We don't mask that voice by filling superficial cracks with artificial wood fillers - our boards speak from the heart of the tree and from the heart of our home to yours. The wood's grain is it's fingerprint and our intention is to honor that individuality. You may find the texture of our boards to be a little rougher then the "butter-smooth" boards you've seen in the past. Perfection is not our purpose. Our boards are not precious - they are intended for everyday use and we want every knife mark to remind you of your intention to honor a meal. Your board will soon be full of your own love, intention and memory.
For more information about our process and caring for your board, please click here.
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